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India among World’s Top 25 Exporters: Pascal Lamy 20 Jul 8600  
India among World’s Top 25 Exporters: Pascal Lamy

India among World’s Top 25 Exporters: Pascal Lamy


WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 India has emerged among the world’s 25 leading exporters along with countries like Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia, the WTO Chief, Mr. Pascal Lamy, said.

“In addition to China, many new trading powers have emerged. Brazil, India, Maxico and Malaysia are all in the top 25 leading exporters table and all posted export growth of 15 per cent or better in 2011,” Mr. Lamy said at the Brookings Dialogue in Washington.

He said the share of developing countries in world trade had risen to about 50 pre cents as compared to around 33 per cent in 2008; and that trade as a share of world GDP had risen to around 60 per cent from roughly 40 per cent in 1980.

However, the WTO chief stressed that the increasing use of non-tariff measures by different countries has been impacting trade.

“Governments are implementing a variety of non-tariff measures which impact trade flows, sometimes profoundly,” he said, adding that the measures were regulatory in nature and were aimed at protecting the health and safety of consumers.


(Source: Exim India Dt. 18.10.2012)
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